How to track an iphone with imei

How to find an iPhone's IMEI number

The database has been there for a while, and the services do not limit to cell phone recovery only but also to all stolen goods and property. So, there you have it. A step by step guide on how you can track your phone using the IMEI number.

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Please leave us a comment if you think this article might have been useful for you and can help you trace your lost phone. Read also our previous article on the ultimate guide on how to track your lost phone. The iPhone is not just a smartphone. It is a very powerful small computer that can help you in many ways.

The GPS chip embedded in your iPhone serves as to utilise the location data for the functional aspect of the iPhone system as well as a third-party app. Due to that ability, the iPhone can utilize the location data in your iPhone to serve you better and also to improve their services. However, this is where the boundary of privacy versus functionality exists. Should you sacrifice your privacy for the sake of better functionality of your iPhone? Fortunately, iPhone allows you to control the privacy settings and therefore limit the location sharing according to your preference.

Gsm mobile phone tracking via imei number

Apple Pay Merchant Identification — This is for Apple to know your current location and therefore any purchases made using your Apple ID account outside your location would trigger a notification. Find My iPhone — This will help you to track your iPhone if it goes missing or stolen. Location-Based Alerts, Ads or Suggestions — This location will help Apple or third-party to serve better ads based on your location. There are some advantages and disadvantages when it comes to location tracking.

One clear advantage of turning off the location tracking is that you can rest assured that no third party are actively tracking your location.

Ho to find iPhone by imei number

This will protect your privacy and keep the peace in mind. However, if you turn off the location tracking, some of the useful system services in your iPhone will become not effective. This will limit the full ability of your iPhone in giving the best experience to you as an iPhone user. So, if you are conscious about the privacy of your location, here we show you how to turn it off. Here it will show you which system services in your iPhone that is actively tracking your location.

So, there you have it — Simple steps on how you can check how iPhone is tracking your location and how to turn it off. Please leave us a comment below on what are the location-sharing apps or services that you always use in your iPhone. Please also read our previous article on how to know who is tracking your iPhone. If you own a smartphone, the chances are that you can be tracked based on your location. This is due to the GPS technology embedded in your phone.

5 Ways to Track iPhone Location Easily

It helps your smartphone to emit your location in real-time. GPS also helps the apps in your smartphone for geolocation or embedding location information in their functionality.

However, if you are afraid that the ability of your smartphone to show location might be used by others to track you, you are not alone. Fortunately, you can block people from following your smartphone using simple ways. There are many reasons why would you want to block someone from tracking you.

Here are the top main reasons.

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  7. PRIVACY — If you want to complete confidentiality of your current location or where you are going, it is better that you blocked all means of tracking ability of your phone. Be it you are on vacation, or you want to unplug from online presence. By blocking anyone from following you, you would be able to feel free from the digital world temporarily. It is the primary method of how your phone can give your site in real-time.

    However, if you are not sure whether disabling the GPS would stop people from tracking you, another sure method is by disabling all your cell phone connection and internet connection. This way, your smartphone will not be able to emit the GPS data from your phone to outside. View the original piece on their website", with a link back to this page.

    Now comes the catch If you blacklist the phone, in other words block the IMEI number, you cannot trace the phone as you need this number. The phone basically becomes a paper weight and is useless to anyone.

    If Find My iPhone isn't enabled on your missing device

    Further, if no case is opened because you have no blacklisting number, then no investigation will take place!!! So what do you do? And now for the best part. There is software online which enables you to change the IMEI number of a phone. So the whole tracing thing falls flat. Your email address will not be published.

    So please, be VERY careful with the phone box and receipt—in your case, they are your lifeline. Now that you have your IMEI, you can go to your local police station and report the phone stolen.

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    8. Once your report is registered, the carrier gets clearance to track the device. Tracking down the phone by IMEI without this clearance is illegal. So never track down phone without a clearance. Second, they can allow private data leaks. You need the kind of equipment that only carriers can possess to accurately track down the phone. Video uploaded by Apple Support on May 7, May be this info will help someone.