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The first thing you need to consider is whether you want to have an audio-only baby monitor or one that incorporates video.

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Your choice largely depends on your budget and how high tech you want the baby monitor to be. Audio baby monitors are generally cheaper while video and Wi-Fi-based baby monitors can be more expensive. The most important thing to look for in all kinds of baby monitors is audio quality. Regardless of whether you want a video-based baby monitor or not, you need clear audio so you can hear your baby properly. With sound activation, you'll only hear the noises from your baby's room when there's something important to hear.

Some audio-only monitors also have LED lights that flash different colors to alert you to changes in your baby's mood or environment. The lights can be helpful if you want the monitor in mute mode or if you're just in a noisy room and the monitor's volume is down. When it comes to video monitors, you'll want to make sure that the one you're buying offers night vision and a decent resolution.

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Most baby monitors with a dedicated viewer sadly have low VGA resolutions, which are much worse than the majority of smartphones you can buy these days. A few have a p HD resolution, which is decent. We hope more baby monitors go that route in the future. A Full HD p resolution is ideal but can be pricey, and you'll only get it with Wi-Fi-based video baby monitors that stream video to your smartphone or tablet. Some video baby monitors of tilt, pan, and zoom functions so you can see different parts of the baby's room or zoom right in on smaller details.

If you opt for a Wi-Fi video baby monitor, you'll need a strong internet connection, because if your internet fails, so does your baby monitor. It is recommended that users back up their system before performing a scan, in case SpyBot accidentally removes important or necessary files during its repair work. The software includes a back up option and users will be prompted to back up before performing a scan of their system.

The application provides options to scan external drives.

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To do this, start a scan, then click 'Stop Scan'. Click on the drop down arrow that appears and select 'Scan With Different Options'. Then, simply use the menu to navigate and select the drive s that should be included within the scan. SpyBot Search Destroy is updated regularly, in order to tackle the latest spyware and adware threats. The application includes an update option, which will automatically scan for the latest version and update the spyware definitions. It is recommended that users carry out this update at least once a week for optimum performance.

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Smartphone spy apps: the facts

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