Invisible gsm bug spy earphone wireless

The product is perfect to give the wearer outside instructional assistance by radio transmission or maybe for a lecturer who uses a dicatphone to discreetly provide an audio reminder of a lengthy lecture. The unit is very small and can be fitted deep enough into the ear canal so that it is not obvious and visible unless somebody looks directly down the wearers ear. Can several wearers of one of these earpieces be able to listen to the same transmission or recording?

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No, the device requires the wearer to have a neck loop wire under their clothing that is close enough to the wearers ear to transmit the audio from the device to which the neck loop is connected. This unit does not use Bluetooth as a transmission medium. We do offer a different version that is designed for use with devices that do run bluetooth technology.

Home A great selection of resources available from one of the UKs No. Invisible Wireless Earpiece. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Description Features Spy Guy FAQ Requirements The invisible earpiece is designed for discreet listening or covert operations where headphones or wired earphones would be inappropriate.

Invisible GSM Bug Spy Earphone Wireless Earpiece Gadget

In-ear wireless earpiece with incredibly small dimensions Designed to receive audio transmission from an inductor neck loop located in close proximity Tiny replaceable batteries in earpiece Operation run time with a fresh battery of approximately 5 hours Supplied with one earpiece, neck loop and battery ready to go Ideal for Private Investigators and Intelligence operatives or maybe Lecturers needing an aid for delivering a lengthy lecture.

Does the earpiece stick out of the ear so that someone would see? It is legal as long as you observe the privacy laws in your country and state. Most of these devices are made to support long recording sessions with powerful batteries. Their small sizes also enhance portability and concealment.

You can choose a device with voice-activated recording function to allow it to record only when there is an ongoing conversation to save battery life and to give you the freedom to do other things. It also allows you to begin recording conversations immediately to start your private meeting.

invisible gsm bug spy earphone wireless

These devices record in common audio formats to allow for cross-compatibility among devices. All prices are in USD. Copyright Spy Gear. Please wait Search Advanced Search Search Tips. Home Listening Devices. These Listening Devices Obtain Audio Evidence Covert spy listening devices can record audio from next door or around the world. Add To Cart. Bluetooth Glasses with Invisible Earpiece.

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Invisible/Undetectable Wireless Micro Mini Bluetooth Spy Earpiece Earphone - Spy Ear Gadget Review

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Professional Wireless Voice Bug and Recording. Walkie-Talkie wireless micro earpiece Our Spy Shop offers a wide variety of different spy gadgets and technology for students and pupils in order to cheat at the tests or exams. The spy gadgets out of your normal everyday life do not have to hide from those of the spy movies.

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  2. Invisible GSM Bug Spy Earphone Wireless Earpiece Gadget [ls-ph] :.
  3. Invisible GSM Bug Spy Earphone Wireless Earpiece Gadget.
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  6. Browse through our shop a little and you'll be amazed how inventive producers have become. Particularly in areas such as wireless audio transmission and invisible hidden wireless video transmission. JavaScript is not activated in your browser. Please activate JavaScript to have access to all shop functions and all shop content.

    Best Hidden Camera. Main page. Shopping Cart no products. Covert comunication, cheat an exam, Spy equipment Orders within the European Union are not possible! Easy exams with us! How to use wireless micro headphone. At our shop you will find numerous spy gadgets, wireless spy micro headphones, wireless hidden live camera systems, listening devices, GPS tracker and much more What is wireless spy ear for? Wireless Spy Ear is a part of the spy set which is produced for covert communication in business presentation, exams, test, or personal protection.

    The spy ear is a very small and wireless, they are invisible for other people. Working principle of covert micro earpiece. Covert micro earpiece is receiving device which is driven by electromagnetic induction. The bluetooth transmitter you can use with any mobile phone. No sales for European Union!!!

    Wireless spy covert earpiece and hidden live camera — the world's best method to cheat a test! Who is not familiar with the good old crib sheet: A small piece of paper, also called the cheat sheet or crib, which year after year helps us through important tests and exams. The most important thing in a crib sheet: to cramp in as much legible information in the smallest possible space — and of course hide it well.

    While the rest of us still remember those cheat sheets on glue sticks, drink packs, or also inside calculators, nowadays cheaters, students and exam candidates around the globe are getting increasingly creative when it comes to cheating. The good old crib sheet is now slowly but surely being replaced by various spy gadgets. A very popular method: MP3 players or even a mobile phone with recording function.

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