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The app also works well with your built in camera, again doing motion controlled capture when prompted to, which can make it easy to use in a more discreet manner. This app stands unique from the rest for one very important reason: Focus. There is also a portrait function if needed, and given how well the app can handle focus and resolution, this makes for a decent overall feature.

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Sometimes, you need more than just still images to present a story. Sometimes you need audio and even video to get the series of events perfectly recorded.

Spy Camera app on Android - Background video recorder

For this, Spy Video Recorder is a great choice. With a countdown feature, you can set the phone to begin to record video without a touch, all while the screen is completely black.

The Best Android Spy Camera Apps

Saturday, October 26, Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Spy camera detector is also famous spy camera detector app for Android users.

Spy Camera - Free

This application will help you to detect hidden or spy camera near you. This is very handy application for android users to detect hidden or spy camera in hotels, malls, changing rooms, and any other places from your home. This application is free and easy to use bug detector and also spy camera spotter app and this is perfect solution for spy gadgets and for spy cams and spy tools.

Spy camera detector app work as hidden infra red camera detector in order to find secret camera and glint in your android device. Hidden camera Anti spy camera Android. Hidden camera or Anti spy camera is a spy camera detector and cam finder app which is developed by Softmatic soft only for Android users. This ia and amazing application which will detect any secret camera and will notify you if there is any spy camera near you. This application will protect and keep your family secure from privacy secret camera.

Background Video Recorder

This is easy to use and simple application which comes with good user interface. This application work by using magnetic field option which will analyses magnetic activity. Download this great anti spy app now and stay secure! Spy Camera founder: Hidden Camera Android.

This application is hidden camera detector app which is developed by app dreams tech and it will detect spy or hidden camera. This application uses magnetic field option which wills analyses magnetic activity. Hope you consider this article helpful. Please like, share and also share your opinion about above listed apps.

Spy Camera - Free for Android - APK Download

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Starting things off is an app which can turn your phone into a stealth camera.

By default, it operates silently — this means there will be no shutter sounds to attract unwanted attention. Of course, you could replicate this effect by muting all sounds on your phone, so this app naturally goes a step further. Not only does it remove audio signs of your activity, but it also handles the visual side.

This app does exactly as advertised — it allows you to use any function of your phone while also recording videos in the background.