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With Cocospy you will also:. Track all phone calls with their details. This includes incoming and outgoing calls with the contact details and duration of the call. You can also check the frequency to know who they are always in contact with. Social media apps have become the way to go, and Cocospy gives you access to all the commonly used chatting apps.

All chatting logs include contact details of the other party, and you can even see all the media that has been sent or received.

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Not only can you see where they are at any given time, but you can also see all places they have visited as history. Cocospy lets you set locations that you have prohibited your child from visiting.

How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing? - KidGuard

You can even set a boundary where they should not go beyond, and when they do, you will instantly get a notification. You can also know the websites that your child visits using Cocospy phone monitoring app.

You will even get an analysis in terms of time and frequency. As a responsible parent, you should take the initiative to know whenever your child is chatting their way into potential trouble. So the logs will be transferred to the Panel faster. There are cases when the honest and open relationship with your child leaves no reason to check their text messages. But there are also other situations. Not every child is willing to share personal life details with parents. Some want to avoid judgments; the others may be too shy to express their minds to parents.

Whether your child is talkative or not, you should tell them about responsible texting behavior. Express your child that you are worried about them. Warn them that anyone can easily forward or take a screenshot of their text, to make them feel embarrassed or humiliated.

What Can You Learn from Reading Texts?

Together with your child, try to establish rules for device monitoring. Be flexible in your decisions. It is also important to insist on following the set rules. Any deleted text messages that are accessible will be presented to the user in the Decipher TextMessage recovery window which enables a parent to export the recovered deleted messages in text format to their computer.

Your child finally is of an age where you have decided to allow them to have their own mobile phone. Figuring out the appropriate rules to make for your kid's mobile device can be a tough decision and one that evolves and changes on a regular basis. Each year as your child matures, you'll likely allow access to more applications on his or her device. For parents whose child or teen has just been given their first iPhone or iPad, having the ability to monitor their child's text messages can be the simple peace of mind that any parent needs as their kid enters into the complex and ever-changing world of social messaging and texting.

Being able to view or save your child's text messages on your own computer also makes the whole process less invasive and intrusive for both parent and child.

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If you are a parent and you have any questions about policing or saving your child's iPhone text messages, drop us a note via our Decipher Tools Support page. We're always happy to help and we respond to everyone. Buy Me a Coffee. Decipher Media makes Decipher Tools software to address common iPhone, iPad, and iPod needs like documenting text messages, photo recovery, and fixing broken iPhone backups.

Decipher Tools. Decipher Backup Repair Fix broken backups that won't restore in iTunes. Decipher Backup Browser Export photos, notes, contacts, voice memos, or any file from your iPhone backup. Decipher Phone Refresh Clean an iPhone backup to start fresh only restoring what you want. Decipher VoiceMail Save and export your iPhone voicemail history. Decipher Chat Save and print WhatsApp messages, including attachments.

What's the best way for a parent to keep track of their child's iPhone text messages? Download Decipher Text Message Steps for parents to monitor and save their child's iPhone text messages Backup your child or teen's iPhone via iTunes on your computer. Run Decipher TextMessage. Select an iPhone. Scroll through the contacts. Monitor and read any important text messages. Select export to save your child's text messages to computer.

Benefits of using Decipher TextMessage to monitor and read your child's iPhone text messages include: Convenience - Decipher TextMessage runs on the any parent's personal Mac or Windows computer. How to recover deleted iPhone text messages that your son or daughter has erased from their device Text messages sent and received via the Messages app remain on the phone indefinitely unless the user chooses to manually delete them or sets up automatic message deletion.

Can I also recover text messages that my child deleted?